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CryptoQuip Answers!

Here are the answers to the last week of CryptoQuips sent in the Thought for the Day Daily email:

The poor fellow who drove people around all day had nothing to chauffeur it
I just love my excursions to beautiful Scandinavian bays. People call me a fjord explorer.
If there's something you don't want your mother to find out, do you say "mom's the word?"
Stopping during long commutes, do aliens keep their spaceships at parking meteors?
If a mime went shopping for clothes, I'd say he would probably get unmentionables.
After his mom punished him for getting dirty, he understood that grime doesn't pay.
Sign on a parking space at a garden nursery: Reserved for plant manager.

The solution to today's CryptoQuip will be posted here tomorrow (an incentive for you to give it just one more try!).

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